Election Special: If you want to be heard, make sure that you have a voice!

With the deadline for the upcoming Westminster election set for the 8th of June, it is crucial that you have a vote and that your vote is counted.

Prior to the last Assembly Election it was reported that more than 60,000 people in the north were taken off the electoral register.

In the context of County Derry it was reported that in the East Derry constituency 2,651 people were taken off the electoral register, while in Mid Ulster 3,145 were reported to have been removed.

Furthermore we are also concerned that some people who are eligible to vote were not put on the register in the first place. Essentially the process is that most secondary schools across the north invite the Electoral Commission to come and register their pupils.

Worryingly many young people often miss this opportunity to be registered for various reasons.  For instance pupils who are not in school attendance on such days will not be registered. Similarly young people who attend their local regional college or go straight into the workplace at sixteen are often missed when it comes to electoral registration.

While Sinn Fein has contacted and re-registered many people we are still very much concerned with this issue.

Am I eligible to register?

Each person should register at the address where he or she is resident if they:

  • Are a resident in the North.
  • Are over 17 or will turn 17 by 30 November 2017.

How do I know if I am on the register?

Sinn Fein advises anyone who is concerned about their electoral registration to contact their local Sinn Fein office.

Once this is done our representatives can check electoral registers or get in contact with the Electoral Commission and confirm whether you are registered or not.

Alternatively citizens can check their registration through contacting the Electoral Office themselves. By simply providing their name and address they will be told whether they are registered or not.

For anyone wishing to contact the Electoral office a link to their website, address and  contact number has been provided below:


Address: 3A Portland Ave, Newtownabbey BT36 5EY

Phone: 028 9034 2263

How can I get on the register?

In order for you to be registered or re-registered you must download and complete the Electoral offices online form, which can be attained via the link provided below;


Once the form has been completed it must be sent to the electoral office along with proof of your address and proof of your identity.

The following items are acceptable proof of address.

  • Household or Utility bill
  • Bank statement from the last 3 months (including online banking statements)

The following items are acceptable proof of identity:

  • A UK, Irish or EEA driving licence (photographic part) (provisional accepted).
  • A UK, Irish or EU passport (EU passports are not accepted at UK Parliamentary elections).
  • A specified public transport pass.

Sinn Fein understand that getting  onto the electoral register can be a frustrating process, therefore if  you require any additional information on registration or how Sinn Fein can help facilitate this then please contact your local Sinn Fein office.

When will I be added to the Register?

For anyone wishing to be registered in time for the upcoming Westminster Election it is crucial that forms are received by Electoral office on or before the 10th MAY 2017, given that  the Electoral Office website estimates that such applicants will not added until the 1st  JUNE 2017.

Again additional guidance and information can be provided by your local Sinn Fein office.

The local Sinn Fein Offices in County Derry are contained below:

Ian Milne MLA Constituency Office
79 Quarry Road
Co. Derry BT45 8NT
Phone: 028 79644550
Email: southderrysinnfein@gmail.com

Caomhe Archibald Consituency Office
81 Main Street
Co Derry BT47 4LE
Phone: 028 77742488
Email: info.dungiven@gmail.com

Other Sinn Fein office details can be accessed via the link below:



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