Welcome Comrades

Céad Míle Fáilte.

Welcome to the Sinn Féin Republican Youth Co. Derry.

Dedicated to and named after the late Christopher O’Neill this Youth Group is aimed at advancing the Irish Republican cause throughout the County and across Ireland.

We aim to engage and inform young people of Sinn Féin policies and to also highlight events and demonstrations happening in the local area and across the country.

While we are based in Co. Derry we are  part of an all-island and a wider European Movement. Therefore our broadcasts will cover a wide range of issues ranging from Local to National and International matters.

We pride ourselves on being part of a left wing Republican party which seeks to create not just a United Ireland, but a prosperous Ireland , a shared Ireland and a new Ireland. Our vision for the future is a vision of  respect and equality and we seek to create an Ireland which “cherishes all the children of the nation equally.”

As previously mentioned we are also engaged in co-operating with like minded political movements across the world. Therefore our blogs will also consist of contributions on issues such as Basque Independence and also the struggle in Palestine to name but a few. For these reasons we would encourage people from around the world with similar ideals to follow our blog and to get in touch with us.

As a party that is passionate about the Irish Language we will also be publishing blogs in our native tongue. We also encourage Gaeilgeoirí to get in touch and give us a follow.

Finally the blog will consist of contributions from members of our Youth movement alongside special contribution from civic society.

If you are interested  in any of the many things I have mentioned then please follow our blog and keep up to date with our activity.

Bígí linn.


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